Chicago, IL


HIGHLIGHTS: Longman & Eagle is a look back, reimagining this age-old concept through a contemporary lens, providing urban ‘travelers’ a refuge that appeals to a variety of senses – be they aesthetic, consumptive, culinary, or restorative – done in a way that is accessible, considered and innovative. The sort of place where a man can get a shot with breakfast, where local politicians might trade votes for whiskey, and one that reflects Chicago’s unique neighborhood-based diversity.

In keeping with Chicago’s colorful history of inn culture, Longman & Eagle features six rooms; each individually designed and furnished with an aesthetic that acknowledges past and present histories alike, at their core offering comfort, design consciousness, and subtle luxury. These are casual yet considered offerings that seasoned travelers will appreciate when looking to immerse and initiate themselves within the fabric of a bustling and vibrant Chicago neighborhood enclave. Our rooms vary in both price and proportion, but aesthetics, comfort, and function are manifest throughout.

Please note too, that Longman & Eagle rooms are above an occasionally raucous, whiskey-fueled tavern, so if you’re sensitive to noise, you may want to consider the overall environment before booking.

GREAT FOR: friends, staycations, city escapes

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